Conan Non-slip student Ankle socks

Conan Non-slip student Ankle socks

New Collection !! Student socks Case Closed - Detective Conan.
Short Type (ANKLE) - BASIC Anti-slip version (Anti-slip)


" PALLY " socks that are truly designed for school age

With a special design with screen prints in 5 characters in Conan for a soft, comfortable fit, worry-free about musty odors.


> Gray footbed made from bamboo. Unlike other natural bamboo fibers.
Which has soft, comfortable , good ventilation and prevents natural bacteria without using chemicals.

> Comfortable fabrics, elastic ankle (Comfort Ankle) is worn during all activities.

> Heel trimmer With Y-Heel technology to match the shape of the actual heel
The fabric is secure and firm when wearing.

> Anti-Slip Non-slip screen Prevent slipping, thick non-slip floor, durable, good quality
Safe for children unleaded and carcinogenic.

> Machine washable Non-slip floor does not peel

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